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 Posted: Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 03:55 am
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A few weeks ago I was excited and delighted to hear from actor Timothy Keith Chittenden in the UK. He and fellow actor Max Webb discovered my script, "A Bel Air Lawyer in King Henry's Court" here at, fell in love with it, and wanted to explore production possibilities this summer in Cornwall. Not only were they thrilled when I said "yes" but I was also able to tell them this will be the play's world premiere! The premise of this two-person script is that a Jewish lawyer from the 23rd century time-travels to the court of Henry VIII to represent Henry's first wife in divorce proceedings. Under the skillful direction of Iga Drzymkowska, the summer tour could be a nice stepping stone to larger venues. Although my husband and I live in Los Angeles and won't be able to attend, I have been promised squillions of pictures and a DVD. If any of you live in the area and are interested in more information or the performance schedule, please feel free to email me at