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 Posted: Sun Jul 23rd, 2017 06:39 pm
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Can't help with Final Draft. I'm still back in the WordPerfect days.  I would want just one file to look at.

I definitely prefer a character list with a detailed description of the character at the start of the play.

As to the playwrights notes, for most people their first exposure to the play will be reading the script. A lucky few may see a production of the play but most will read it.

If you have ever read a screenplay, you can see the length the screenwriter goes to in order to have the reader "see" what the final movie will look like. Things like car chases and fight scenes are described in minute detail.

The playwrights notes need to go before the start of the play if it is something the reader needs to know before the play starts. Examples might include required role doubling, the playwrights thoughts on the set or presentation of the play or something the audience will see at the start of the play that a reader may not know.

Conversely it should go at the end of the play if it might adversely affect the reading. For example, a discussion of a key turning point in the play or, in a thriller, the playwrights notes might discuss about how the antagonist hides among the other characters or how some trick may be staged.

One final comment: I read a hundred plays a year looking for three or four to produce. I never finish many of them: They just don't interest me. If the playwrights notes are at the end, I may never read them.

Hope this helps

Doug B

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