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 Posted: Wed Aug 30th, 2017 07:11 am
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Not from my experience.

If you start are dead meat as a writer or actor or anyone in the theatre. Disappointment is "Built in" to the professions!!!!

I have been fortunate to make my living as an actor for many years. Some money as a playwright. But playwriting does not pay for my health insurance and contribute to my Pension Plans!!!! answer your question!!! It may SEEM to be easier for a writer to seemingly WRITE a play that is COMIC.

I have had my plays win that were quite serious. And some that were comedies...or so-called comedies! I have judged numerous play festivals that had plays that were so serious the audience was almost drowned in tears by the end of the play. It is amazing what can be done in ten to fifteen minutes.

And at the festivals, I have seen all combinations of good writing. One play I saw a year and a half ago where I also had a play produced, had the audience in deep, deep silent tears. The tension was so soft that it crept up on you like a silent burglar and wrung the tears out of your heart. It was one of the most soulful plays I have ever seen in my life. The playwright and I have become friends.

I suggest to you that you write what you want in your heart and mind and soul and submit; and stop the second guessing, which will inhibit your imagination and creativity. If you do not get chosen...BIG DEAL! Get over it. Work on it some more, and submit it to another theatre and definitley keep writing others.

But do follow Dramatic Structure. I have judged/read for numerous play festivals and in a great/too many number of plays, all I have seen is "Narrative" and no Drama. No conflict, internal nor external. Most submissions I have read...can I say it? Are CRAP.

I hope that encourages you!!! Remember "Good Writing does not necessarliy make a Good Play." I was taught this years ago by a great writing teacher in Los Angeles. But "Good DRAMATIC writing CAN make good play. It is important to be able to KNOW the difference.

It also does help if you follow the guidelines for the particular theatre you are submitting to.

And have I submitted to theatres where I felt they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when I have seen what was chosen? YEP!!! That doesn't mean you quit writing and quit submitting. I also have found I have had much greater success when I submit to "Blind Submission" Theatres.

I have read for theatres where one is supposed to disqualify oneself if you know the playwright. I have always informed the theatre. Trust me...doesn't always happen.

Whatever. I hope this encourages you and everyone.

But you must learn to become your own best critic! And if you can get some actors to read - no, PERFORM - your script out loud for you before submitting, it might help you to find some glitches.

Best of luck. I hope some of this helps.


P.S. There is no such thing as "Filler Dialogue."