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 Posted: Wed Aug 30th, 2017 06:12 pm
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Doug B

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Maybe the reason that theaters are looking for comedies is that they are hard to make work in ten minutes.

Our theater has produced a ten minute Playfest for 12 years. Good comedies are far harder to find then good dramas. We average 15 to 18 submissions a year of which 5 or 6 might be comedies. And most of those are skits not plays.

Our goal is to have half comedies and half dramas. This year we had four good comedies. Last year only two. We try to have at least two first time writers. This year we had our first ever ten minute opera. We only accept submissions for our Playfest from full time residents of our island.

We have a monthly playwrights meeting to keep the interest up, help each other with works in progress and hopefully teach them something. We just had our monthly meeting last night with 10 aspiring playwrights there. Almost everyone is working on dramas.

Just my two cents worth.

Doug B