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 Posted: Sat Sep 7th, 2019 06:51 am
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It’s maybe the toughest writing medium to carve out a living with (aside from poetry), I think it’s mostly due to the competitiveness of the theatre industry and the fact that attendances have been lower for some time. Film has by and large become the money-maker.

But if you are truly so serious about playwriting don’t been so quick to abandon the larger field. I did so far practical reasons, but one could consider specializing in other areas of theatre and also literature, e.g. teaching drama or theatre history or playwriting at university, or becoming a dramaturg. I think that one has options that will allow him keep his finger on the pulse of theatre-making if he really wants to. Naturally this would result in connections, which means recommendations, and this can help kick-start a career. Connections are important in every field given the general competitiveness of the job search today