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 Posted: Mon Sep 16th, 2019 05:34 am
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Just found out (quite randomly by googling myself!) that a major MFA program has launched a course exploring risk theatre!

Risk theatre is my bold new theory of tragedy that argues risk is the dramatic fulcrum of the action. In my book I answer the question: why do we find tragedy so fascinating? Tragic heroes, by making delirious wagers, trigger unintended consequences. Because they wager human assets, tragedy functions as a valuing mechanism. Because they lose all, audiences wonder: how did the perfect bet go wrong? If you’re interested in reading THE RISK THEATRE MODEL OF TRAGEDY: GAMBLING, DRAMA, AND THE UNEXPECTED, please ask your local library to carry this thought-provoking critique. Whether you love plays, novels, history, biographies, or operas, you will never read or write another work of literature the same way.