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 Posted: Thu Nov 7th, 2019 05:03 pm
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Welcome to the Forum.

Too difficult to read in the format/layout you have it in. (At least how it appears on my computer.) Margins are erratic and skewed. And misspellings.

This may not be your fault - except the misspellings! As I say it is skewed on my computer. Maybe appears ok on others.

Why don't you just copy and paste 10 pages? That is the usual

You need to make it very easy on the eye for the reader.

Remember...YOU have to "Catch the Eye" and brain of your reader in a standard format.
People who read plays/screenplays for a living are used to accepted formatting. Remember they read so many. If it is not in an accepted formatting, a lot of people in the biz will not even read it.



I like the idea you have, but I can not continue. It is a bumpy rural road to my eyes.
It should read like a drive on the Autobahn.