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 Posted: Wed Jun 24th, 2020 02:26 am
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The end of the performing arts? The pandemic has muted symphonies and opera houses. When they return, things will not be the same...

Also, theatres are closing. Often, their funding is sagging or gone.

It is amazning how slim the budgets were for even substantial theatres, especially funded by public money. But even those supported by many private donors will be closing.

Uh Oh. What will happen to our souls and hearts without Tragedy/laughter/hilarity and Dramas?

Hold on to your hats

I guess we are gonna find out. Will be a wild ride.

Audiences will have to have jobs to attend the various theatre's art forms of any kind.

Fingers are crossed.

Of course it may be an inspiration to write even better plays, movies. etc.

"The only constant is Change"...Heraclitus.