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 Posted: Sun Jan 17th, 2021 04:36 pm
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What an awesome story of chance's upside :) Sometimes it seems as though the brain is built to emphasize will and intention and to discount the effects of chance and accident. This would be a fantastic topic to explore! Even some gamblers--playing pure games of chance--will ascribe the winning combination to a "sign" rather than luck! So many images and layers of ambiguity in Joyce's PORTRAIT. I remember the image of Ireland as a farrow, then as the tower where Daedalus was imprisoned. Icarus' wings becoming Stephen's wings of art (that would be a cool title!). And the ending, the work creating the uncreated conscience of his peoples. Oh, I do remember there was a definition of tragedy in there (it has been 20+ years)...I can't remember the lines. It was just a sentence or two though... I remember I thought it was terrific because it was different than all those other theories they taught in grade school. Unique.