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 Posted: Tue Feb 2nd, 2021 09:59 pm
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The security light
on the arch of the
old church
goes on and off

No one passing by
not even a fox
every fifteen minutes or so
the light goes on

She sits at her desk
wondering if it's
the souls that have
passed through
this arch during
the pandemic
they are not at rest

There it goes again
the night is still
the light goes on
the granite arch
in all its glory
shining a light

The souls are not at rest
how could they?
torn away from their loved ones
not a hand to hold
in their final moments

They say death is a journey
only you can take alone
just you
go away on your own
all alone

They can say what they like
who wants to go alone on
this long journey
without a hand to hold
to send them on their way

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