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 Posted: Mon Jun 21st, 2021 01:54 pm
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I'm was off to get the second dose
Took the walking stick with me
knowing there would be hundreds
before me and the long walk
to the registration desk

A volunteer approached me and asked
"would you like to go up in the lift"?
I declined as not a great fan of lifts

Getting nearer to the registration desk
another volunteer approaches me with the same
"would you like to go up in the lift,
there is a very long queue"?
This time I said yes

Up I go in the lift to level three
with a volunteer
Out I go and what do you know?
the next volunteer says to me
Cubicle twenty-seven

In and out like a shot
sat for fifteen minutes
to make sure all was well
fully vaccinated

I must take the stick out more often