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 Posted: Mon Jan 22nd, 2007 09:20 pm
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I guess I was unlucky then. Could well have been that my piece wasn't picked up until quite a late stage but I didn't know anything until the list was posted on the website and by that point you were supposed to know. As I say though, might well be that I didn't have a director attached until the last minute which is why I didn't hear anything from them until after the list was posted.

Congrats to you also - are you making it over there? Has your piece already been performed or is it still to come - mine's playing this week! Eep!

Ooh, note to anyone in the UK who might be considering whether or not to pay the entry fee and submit next year - as a result of the Sydney festival I also was shortlisted for a similar event running at the Brighton and Edinburgh festivals this year - obviously much more conveniently closer to home. Don't know if it'll make the final cut, mind. Wish me luck!