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 Posted: Tue Jun 27th, 2006 09:31 am
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Thank you for your reply. I must agree with you on many points. Maybe if I introduce myself a little better you will understand where I’ve been and where I’m coming from.

Firstly I must apologize for any and all errors that may have misled you. After all I am not a playwright but a simple old man with a fading memory. I first learned about Buddhist from Oma Ziegenfuss (Worth a read in Wikipedia.) I lived as his scholar at our Buddhist Art School for about eight years.. Between 1971 and 1979 I was honoured to visited with Lama Govinda in his home close to San Francisco, California. I was a monk of the Mahayana order during that time. In about 1980-1984 I switched orders and started a Vajrayana Dharma Center with Lama Tinzin in Hawaii. In 1984 I moved to Thailand where I was a Theravada monk for about two years. Please understand I do not use these names as a letter of recommendation. I was and still am just a simple person who was at the right place at the right time. During that time I was made a honorary Brahman monk. I fear going as to be thought as an egotist, I am not. What I am is a retired old man who seeks no fame. I have been known by several names, Oma Nipa, Dorje, Tita Dhamo and now once again simply Frank.

The play is a fantasy. It was not meant for a Buddhist audience. It was meant as a subtle introduction to another way of thinking. There is no Electro Magnetic Wave (EMW). This is used in a simplistic way to explaining the consciousness as it escapes at the time of death through the crown shakra. A deeper read of the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ and being initiated by a Lama will explain it. The Bardo is nothing more than a muscle hallucination without a living brain. It is muscle memory. Yes there is no soul but for Western man that is the word he understands. This misunderstanding was brought about my Martin Luther when he tried to translate the Bible. It seems he invented twenty seven new word constructions that we use today. Love, hope, faith and belief to mention a few of them. One example, you can believe anything you like whether its true or not. If you check a good book of etymology you will find these words were first used during the time of Luther. The word love comes from the root word ’life.’ What a great difference it would be if we were say, ’ I life you’ in place in place of ‘I love you.’ Love is the greatest confusion of our time. I love hamburgers? I love my computer? Or I give you a part of my life, ’I life you.’

As to secret texts. Many texts are not for the lay person. They are not a secret but are secretive. The lay person slowly with empowerment by a Lama gains knowledge to some of these texts. There are so many thousands of texts that no one monk knows them all. As to being a Shaman there are a few monks that carry out air burial and by locals given Shaman respect. The Vajarana order of monks (Dorje symbol) are what I refer to as the knowledge holders where as the Mahayana monks are the scholars. The Theravada of Ceylon are more closely akin to the lay person and deals with life style and meditation.

I enjoyed your critique. I recognize you as a bright thinking person. I apologize for any misunderstanding through my humble first attempt at writing a play. Again I can only suggest that you check out Oma Ziegenfuss in Wikipedia it may give you a better understanding of this simple person. I hope I have not frightened you away as I look forward to further communication with you.