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 Posted: Tue Jun 27th, 2006 01:27 pm
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Thank you for the patient and polite reply.

I can see why there is much you might change or leave out for a targeted "lay" western audience, my main criticism would be that you might be underestimating them. When we build a "Mystical Orient" image of our faith it can often cheapen what might be a good fantasy story.

Even now, when people find out I am a buddhist, I get asked if I know kung-fu, if the monks at the temple can really float around, have I discovered the secret of eternal life from a secret text buried in a secret cave guarded by a secret yogi, have I learnt the secret of healthy shiny hair from the secret text, in the.... Ad Naseum.

As you say, the monks are just ordinary down to earth people, they just get up earlier than most of us and do a lot of work in the garden.

The deep imagery in the Tibetan Book of the Dead alone would make a deeply dark and fantastical story, without the need for any mystical "end of the world" sub-text.