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 Posted: Sat Feb 18th, 2017 03:03 am
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Characters Description/Relationship
Greg Main Character
Jane Greg’s Sister
Andrew Greg’s Brother
Call Recipient Andrew’s Friend
Mr Smith Greg’s Father
Mrs Smith Greg’s Mother
XYZ Radio Anchor Woman
Barrister Frank Family Friend (Mr Smith’s friend)
Harp Greg’s Friend
Mr Daniels Harp’s Father
Mrs Daniels Harp’s Mother
Mechanical Engineering Students at the University of Perth: 20 (Colleagues of Greg)
Dr Tim Yale Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering
Professor James Allen Vice Chancellor of the University of Perth
Professor Smith Peters President, College of Engineering
Amanda Brooks Publisher, Creative Publishing Press
Pamela Jong Secretary, Creative Publishing Press
Daniella Hoyle Media officer, Creative Publishing Press
Postwoman ……Delivery of mail to Greg………………………………….
Sandra Brooks Greg’s current girlfriend

At Perth…
Greg’s Residence (Home of Mr and Mrs Smith)
[Greg’s Room]
Creative Publishing Press
[Publisher’s Office, Media and Publicity Office, Production office]
The University of Perth
[Student Union Block, Main Library]
[College of Mechanical Engineering]
1) The Mechanical Engineering Lecture Room
2) Dr Tim Yale’s Office
3) The Parking Lot
Perth Institute of Business Management
Pearl Management services
At Berth…
Harp’s Residence (Home of Mr and Mrs Daniels)
[Harp’s Room]
University of Berth
Burke County
P and G bank

Greg has just finished writing his last examination to mark the end of second semester of his first year at the University of Perth. Having excelled well in his first semester with an average grade point of 4.4, he looks forward to a better academic session. At school, Greg is the cynosure of all eyes. He is the point of academic reference by his lecturers and priceless by his colleagues at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is the overall best student all through the first-year level at the College of Engineering.
There is a two-month break period to be spent before the next academic session begins. Greg is revered by his parents, Mr and Mrs Smith. They are the happiest parents on earth! His academic excellence is an inspiration to his younger siblings, Jane and Andrew, both seeking admission into the same university.
Despite his success and popularity, however, Greg feels really concerned about his future…

At Home…Greg’s Residence
Greg is intending to spend the holiday with his family; to be with his two younger siblings, whom he hasn’t seen for over a month, and his parents… Greg comes arrives home after a 6-hour journey from school. He is being welcomed by Jane who can’t help but to express their happiness seeing their big brother return home in good health.
Jane (seventeen-year-old High school graduate, fair-complexioned, slim-looking and outspoken hugs Greg): Welcome back home! You’re looking very good!
Greg (looks stressed but expresses his happiness.): Thanks Jane. You’re looking prettier! As they say, ‘The Young shall grow’
Jane (Smiles): It’s in the blood…Wise man indeed!
Greg realizes Jane is the only person that got to the door of the apartment to receive him after pressing the Door’s Bell.
Greg (Feels concerned): Are you the only one in the house? Where are the rest?
Jane (chuckles): Relax, big bro. You’ll know. You just coming back from school…
Greg moves in the Living Room, with his bag hanged around his back, while Jane takes his bigger bag to his room and briefly arranges it properly. Sited on the largest sofa of the Living Room, he eyes are glued to the changed orientation. The changed louvers, paintings, Center Table with an aesthetic Monumental Cup on it, new pictures of her mom, dad, and his siblings, electronic gadgets, especially the 32-inch TV and the latest digital decoder, among many other things are looking like wonders to him.
Greg (talks to himself gently as his pair of eyes gazes at what is making him wonder and Jane is about tidying up his room): Wow! It’s been a while! I remember before leaving for school, the louvers everything used, maybe the change of painting…from blue to white, have all been obsolete. Look at the pictures, except for mine, Jane, Andrew, Mom and Dad, all have their pictures all changed. I will do the same! Happy to be home at this time!
Greg takes a look at his wrist watch and notices that Jane is yet to show up. So, he calls her attention
Greg (shouts her name): Jane!!!
Jane (replies audibly): I will be with you in a jiffy!
Jane rushes down to the sitting room to sit very near her brother. She has to run to meet up because of how somewhat distant Greg’s room is from the Sitting Room
Greg (calls her attention to his question again): Jane, you haven’t answered me. Where are they?
Jane: Relax big brother. They’re all good where they are. First, how has YOUR UNIVERSITY treated you in the past few months?
Greg (answers loosely): Well, it’s been the good, the bad and the ugly. School is…you, know, what you make of it!
Jane: I’m sure you wooed those campus girls, right? Don’t tell me you didn’t
Greg (laughs): You funny, little sister! What makes you think so? I concentrated more on my studies. Remember, I have to come out with good results
Jane: The genius of the house!!! I am proud of you. So…
Greg (cuts in): Where is Andrew? Where are mom and dad? You’ve not answered those questions. I did answer yours. Please answer mine!
Jane stares at him in the face with a mild contempt. She suddenly assume a smiling facial look within a split second!
Jane: Andrew should be at his friend’s place. That should be the next house. Mom and dad went for an occasion. They told us they’ll be back in the next two hours. You didn’t inform me, neither did you inform Andrew of your coming. It’s more likely you didn’t inform mom and dad
Greg (apologizes): I’m sorry I wasn’t able to inform you before time. Reason being that I’d earlier planned to spend the holiday with Harp, a close friend of mine and colleague in school. He had told his parents about me and they really wanted to the genius their son has as a friend. But I chose to come spend it here! Nothing like family! But I will sure pay him a visit during the holiday
Jane (inspired): What a remarkable statement. You’ve really made my day… First things first family, then other things come secondary.
Greg stresses the need to see Andrew. Jane is about turning on the TV but Greg calls her attention…
Greg: Can you call Andrew for me?
Jane drops the remote control for switching on the TV to get her phone on the center table. Greg looks on
Jane: Sure. Let me call his number 1234900
The phone rings…Jane places the call on her phone’s Loudspeaker for Greg to hear. It rigs five times before the call is being returned. There are voices at the background of the call as the recipient replies…
Recipient: Hello, who is this?
Jane: It’s me Jane, Andrew’s sister. Is Andrew around?
Recipient: Yes. Hang on there. Let me take the phone to him
The background voices of young guys communicating with each other. Greg and Jane both hear the recipient yell at Andrew’s name, telling him his sister is on the call and wants to speak with him
Background Voices of six guys communicating with each other incoherently. Voices as ‘’I won… you…out’’, ‘’I am on the lead…’’, ‘’my fatality’’, ‘’Finish him’’, ‘’you can’t beat….it’’ are heard
Recipient (shouts his name and presents Andrew’s phone to him): Andrew!!! Your sister is on the call. Take the phone. I was busy with my games when your phone rang. Next time, always be with your phone all the time.
Andrew hurriedly takes the phone, leaves the place, goes to the backyard, a quiet part of the building, to avoid the noise, and places it on his left ear to continue the call
Andrew (pants a bit): Yea, Jane. What’s up?
Jane: Do you know you’re very, very funny. If not for one of your friends who picked up the call and told you, you wouldn’t have returned my call, right?
Andrew: Sis, is not what you think…I was just chilling with my friends…playing combat games and some sports at the front yard. I was playing football when James, the guy that picked up your call, yelled my name and when I rushed in, he passed the phone to me. Anything the matter?
Jane (speaks in delight): Guess who’s in the house?
Andrew: You know I’m not good at guessing…Tell who is…
Jane: It’s Greg!
Andrew: Wow! Do you mean he’s in the house now?
Jane: Yes!!!
Andrew: I’m on my way
They can hear vibrations of Andrew checking out of the building. What’s more, they hear Andrew say to his fellow team players: ‘’I’ll be back soon. Catch y’all later!’’ Though Greg is happy hearing his kid brother’s voice, his muteness is observed all through the conversation.
Five minutes later, Andrew steps in the house and meets Jane and Greg sited close to each other. He can’t help but express his excitement! Andrew advances to shake hands with Greg…
Andrew (greets in style, shaking his hands informally): Longest time, big brother! It’s been a long while! How’s school?
Greg is amazed at his height increase. He stands up to measure, to see if he’s still taller than Andrew. He realizes they are both at the same height. Jane shakes her head chuckling…
Greg (still standing, wondering how Andrew’s size became almost the same as his): Well, school has been good. It’s where you are faced with challenges but given the opportunities to overcome them. I must comment you’ve really grown as tall as I am. Six feet in height at just fifteen! That’s pretty amazing!
Andrew: Big brother, it’s one of those things. You’ve always told us—Jane and I---that ‘The Young Shall grow’. We’re still growing and I think, so are you!
Greg: Next genius on the way! Andrew would be the next me on the line!
Jane (disagrees): How can it be? Andrew’s genius can’t be compared to my big brother’s
Andrew (cautions): What we you say, Jane. Impossibility only takes place in the dictionary of fools! Greg had told me I’ll be the next genius of the house. It’s now left for me to work it out
Jane (laughs): It’s easier said than done. Andrew, how familiar are you with your books? My brother, ‘action’, they say, ‘speaks more than words’. Greg, your big brother, is a known genius at the University of Perth because he takes his time dealing with his books. How about you, Andrew?
Andrew: Time will tell…
Greg, comfortably sited, hearing Jane and Andrew exchange words, decides to call to put to an end the activity
Greg: Guys, stop the show. We all know we’re all geniuses in our various areas of interests. We can be better if we made that area our passion by devotion. Jane, go get the remote control, switch on the TV and let’s relax by watching the movie, ‘The Last Three’
Jane: Wow! How do you know we the movie is for 2:00PM? This is about 1:56PM by my wrist watch.
Greg: I also watch this in school. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
Jane: Hmmm…You’re amazing
Andrew: its one great movie I have been craving to watch. It’s just that I’m forgetful
Jane (cuts in): When there are loads of video games to play…
Andrew says not a word to Jane, but shakes his head as he sits on the same Sofa looking at Jane turn on the TV set and locate the channel 55, the station showing the movie. Jane returns to the sofa, sitting in the middle of both Andrew (to the left) and Greg (to the right). It will take three minutes before the movie would start. Greg wants to confirm the correctness of what Jane has told him earlier. So, he throws the open question…
Greg: When is dad and mom coming back from the occasion they went to?
Andrew (surprised): How did you know, Greg?
Greg: The wall has ears, you know
Sandra: I told him
Andrew: I thought as much…No smoke without fire!
Sandra: Any of your business?
Andrew: Greg, they will be back in the next two hours. At least, what they told us
Sandra: I’ve told you before! Why ask again?
Andrew: Sandra….
Sandra: Yes, Sandra what?
Greg (halts the seeming rift): Ok guys, the movie is about to start…
Calmness returns suddenly. They are all glued to the TV as the movie is about starting…and are willing not to move away from being spell-bound for the next one hour, thirty minutes, the movie’s time duration.
Greg (speaks in less than 20 seconds as he’s eyes are glued to the TV): We can use this to wait for them.
Greg’s words hit the deaf ears of Andrew and Jane because their attention is in the movie. They can’t afford to have their attention taken away for a split second!
The movie ends on a happy note. The trio of Greg, Andrew and Jane realizes the ringing of the Door Bell. Though it is the responsibility of Andrew to find out who is at the door, Greg’s instruction was more propelling as Sandra stares at who is pressing the bell…
Greg (instructs Andrew): To get the door…Maybe it’s mom and dad
Jane: Maybe. But it’s not up to two hours… There is still fifteen minutes left
Immediately after her response, Andrew takes his stand from the sofa to get at the door. As he opens it, the duo of Mr and Mrs Smith are at the door, first appearing upset, but happiness shines on their faces when they see their first son in the house

Mr. Smith (expresses his surprise at first, but feels happy): Greg! How are you doing?
Greg leaves the sofa and hugs his dad. He does the same to his mom, who just have to look at her son from the crown of his head, all the way down to his feet. Her joy knows no bound.
Mr and Mrs Smith take to their favourite seats, adjacent the Master Sofa on which Andrew, Jane and Greg are sitting on.
Mrs Smith (beautiful, slow-talking and slightly plump): Greg, when did you come back?
Greg: I came back about two hours ago or thereabout.
Mrs Smith sees her son still his white sneaker shoes on but calls the audience of Andrew and Jane who are gazing at them. The outspoken Mr. Smith is yet to identify what his lovely wife, married for twenty years, has spotted…
Mrs Smith: Andrew and Jane, you guys are very funny!
Andrew (expresses shock): Why mom?
Jane (in disbelief): Why say that, mom?
Mrs Smith (Arouses their curiosity): And you said you love your big brother…
Her last statement is turning her husband from a passive listener to an active one. Greg eyes sticks out. Andrew and Jane are more concerned
Andrew: Tell us what we’ve done wrong
Jane: Tell us, mom
Mrs Smith knows everyone’s attention has been drawn to her. She decides to do the unveiling…
Mrs Smith: Andrew, Jane, you know quite well your big brother has arrived. Why not make him relax in comfort by reminding him to take of his sneaker shoes?
There is a sudden relief in the atmosphere. Mr Smith smiles, shaking his head. Greg looks at his shoes and his mom, nodding his head while Andrew and Jane sighed.
Andrew: I thought it was something serious…But you’re a very good observer!
Sandra (demonstrates): You carried my heart to my face!
Greg (laughs): I forgot to remove it. Was busy answering some Jane’s questions while waiting for Andrew to come around…
Mr Smith (interrupts. Asks Andrew): Where were you?
Andrew: I was at my friends place, playing football. But Jane called me on phone. When she told me Greg is back, I hurried home. I’ve been in the house ever since.
Sandra: Andrew…You’re funny. I called you, quite alright. But you weren’t available to pick up your call. If not for your friend, James, who picked it up and SCREAMED your name, Goodness knows if you’d still be here
Andrew (shakes his head at first, then replies): Sandra, what’s important is that I made it home. Period!
Mr. Smith, placing his hands on his chin, as he listen to Andrew and Jane trade words, raises his hands up to signal decorum. Mrs.Smith stares lovingly at the bulging eyes of her husband.
Mr Smith (clears his throat): My children, I have heard you talk. I think it’s time for the head of the house to stamp his words of counsel. First and foremost, welcome back from school, Greg, even though you didn’t tell us of your coming. I’d say…
Greg (cuts in): I’m sorry dad for cutting you short. I agreed to spend the holiday with Harp, my close friend and colleague. We had earlier agreed to spend it with his family. Harp told me he’s talked to his parents about me….shared my academic exploits and disclosed to them my popularity and success at the College of Engineering. I changed my mind, however, realizing, family comes first than anything else. Nonetheless, I intend seeing him during the course of the holiday.
Andrew is inspired by Greg’s words, as is Jane and Mrs Smith who is nodding her head in agreement. Jane parts her big brother on the back, sitting closer to him than Andrew on the Master Sofa.
Mr. Smith (not offended by his interruption): Your reason is clear and you’re free from my trap of blame. Continuing from what I said before being interrupted, not offended at all, I’d like to say that it gladdens my heart to see my children again together, hale and hearty. Greg, as your parents and as the first born of the Smith family, we, as your parents, together with your siblings, will ensure that your stay in the house would be worthwhile. We know we can always bank on you, anytime! You’re our future asset. The future of this family rests on your shoulders. Your character tells me that I won’t be wrong at all! My concern, and I want them to follow your footstep, are your siblings, Andre and Jane.
Andrew, my youngest son, I know you have been exhibiting some levels of exuberance. I know it’s normal especially when puberty becomes more pronounced. But when not monitored, it would make such juvenile go haywire for life! Andrew, you will be fourteen, July, right?
Andrew (answers): Yes dad
Mr Smith (Continues): Good. At times, your mom would report you of your not helping her with household chores and no listening to what she has to say. But I have always told you that though a woman’s advice may seem ‘’little’’ on the surface, but, if you don’t take it, you’re a fool. Such advice brings that change you desire. I’m proud as your father to have a woman, my wife, your mother, who stood by me through thick and thin. She was there through the good, the bad and ugly times. No wonder we’ve been married for the past twenty years. In all, follow your big brother’s character. He’s not only intelligent, but he has good values. Don’t be taken away by the schemes of youthful exuberance.
He turns his face and embraces his tear-shedding wife passionately. Andrew, Jane and Greg are smiling in joy seeing how true love is displayed. Mr. Smith is done with Andrew. He then looks in the eyes of Jane to dish out his words of counsel.
Mr Smith: Jane, you’re like your mother. ‘’A chip off the old block’’ they say. Keep up following her footsteps. She is a role model, a rare gem, a woman of substance and an amazon in her own right.
He relaxes on the couch and takes a deep breath. His wife continues the discussion on a friendly note…
Mrs Smith (directs the discussion to Greg): I hope the University of Perth has been able to pass through you and you were able to pass through the university.
Greg (confused): What do you mean mom?
Mrs Smith (Laughs very thinly): Growing up, my grand-mother once told me: ‘’what an elderly man sees when sitting down, a child can’t see it, even when he’s at the very top of the Mahogany tree’’. Greg, what I meant was I hope you were able to appreciate the other side of the world and by virtue of what you can offer contribute meaningfully to it. I know you’re genius, a success, and should I say…a celebrity. Any other extra-curricular activities?
Greg: Now, I see. No one is above learning, even geniuses. Mom, I’ve been working on engaging myself in some activities like business networking and being a media person for my department, like a journalist.
Greg’s response is not satisfactory enough. His mother has it all written all over her face.
Mrs Smith (drives home her point precisely): How do you cope with other women? I know they are admirers; those who’d like to have fun with you, be with you to showcase you as their boyfriend and though, very rarely, intends loving you for YOU, not your success and popularity…
Greg is stunned. Mr. Smith is surprised at the kind of words ushering out of her mouth. Jane and Andrew are itching to hear what Greg has to say.
Greg: Well, you know mom…I’m…you know
Mrs Smith (tries to pull his legs): Oh you don’t want to disclose to me, right? That’s good, my son! What’s hidden under the sun, Greg? Time will tell!
Mr Smith (sits uprightly to react): My dear, do you realize Jane and Andrew are here? They are minors!
Mrs Smith: Do you call your children minors? You think they’re not aware of the tricks you knew that made you catch my attention to loving you?
Mr Smith (answers with no hesitation): So, you’re teaching my children what adults should know! This ought to be a private discussion between us----Greg, you and I----excluding them.
Mrs Smith (looks sternly at his eyes): Look, these children, unlike us, in our day, are far advanced in thinking. They are surrounded by and with vast array of information at their disposal. They know what we, their parents, know. So, we ought to be wise handling them. Co-operate with them and wisely guide them to do what they want to do…FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE TO REIGN IN THE HOME.
Mr. Smith (takes a deep breath again and nods his head): My dear lovely wife, you’re right. It would be unwise of me to start trading words with you in the presence of our GROWN CHILDREN. You see, my children, always learn to respect each other’s opinion, even though your ideologies don’t concur. But your mom is right. She has drove home her point with sagacity and I can tell you, from experience, pardon my earlier reaction, this has to be the case for peace to reign in the home. No wonder it is said: ‘’Educate a man, you only educated one person, educate a woman, you educated a nation!’’ I’m the luckiest man on earth to have such a help-meet, a good wife!
Jane (agrees): Dad, you’re lucky! But I wish I’ll marry a man as understanding as you…
Mr. Smith (touched by her words): My SECOND WIFE, you will see that man, when the time comes, that will more understanding than me
Jane: I believe in you, dad!
Mr. Smith: I believe in you…
The couple feels it is time to leave the children to watch their favourite programs on TV, take showers and go rest.
Mr. Smith (stands up but his wife is sited): I think it was a good discussion we had with you all. Hadn’t it?
Children (Greg, Jane and Andrew all sited on the Master Sofa respond in voices peculiar to each of them): Yes!
Mr. Smith: Honey, stand up, let’s go take a rest! It’s been a lovely time-out with our lovely kids, a great time we had at the occasion. I think it’s time we left them enjoy themselves. Right?
Mrs Smith (talks lovingly): Yes, my dear
Mr Smith takes her right hand by his right big hand
Mr Smith: Let’s take our leave, pearl. But as they say, ‘Ladies first’
Mrs Smith gets up from her sit, holds him lovingly and takes the lead to their room. They both take their shower put on their casual outfits and finally observe the rest. Andrew, Jane and Greg are enjoying the movies, cartoons and fun games on TV.

At Harp’s Residence…
A bungalow painted blue at the exterior, well-fenced from all sides and beautified by the two grown trees oozing fresh air over a large expanse of land describe the modesty of Harp’s place of living. Greg has stayed at home for three weeks but feels he needs to pay Harp a visit. This is on a Saturday morning at about 9.00AM. Harp’s parents, Mr and Mrs Daniels, are at home to play Greg an august visitor. Greg comes into the house well-rugged, but with just two large-sized seats in the Living Room and a medium-sized dining table, surrounded by four identical foamy chairs to accommodate their siting positions when being served food.
There is a buffet---variety of foods---sizable quantity of prepared rice, prepared chicken flavours and other local and foreign dishes. They can each serve themselves their favourite varieties.
Greg is sited on one of the seats close to the door, watching as Harp and his parents are bringing in from the chicken, closest to the dining table’s position, cutleries---pairs of fork and knives and fragile plates.
All is finally set…Mr Daniels takes the sitting position of the family head. The wife sits adjacent him while Harp sits opposite. There is an adjacent foamy chair reserved for Greg. Mr. Daniel signals Greg to come over.
Greg joins them… Harp serves himself some spoons of prepared rice, chicken flavours, stew, and juice drink poured into his used jugged-sized cup. Mrs Daniels serves herself the combination of fruit wine---a combination of lemon, water melon, pineapple, and her plate filled with strawberries and mashed potatoes. Mr Daniels is a copy-cat of his wife, when it comes to food preference.
Although Greg is yet to serve himself, Mr. Daniels begins the discussion (his wife and Harp are already eating)
Mr Daniels (Pretends not to know his name at first): What’s your name?
Greg (humbly answers): I go by the names Greg Smith
Mr Daniels: Oh! Are you the one my son talks about whenever he comes to spend the semester at home?
Greg (chuckles mildly): Yes
Mr Daniels: So, you’re that genius at the University of Perth taking everyone by surprise…My son has to me about your exploit---your success and popularity. I’m impressed. So, tell me, what’s your source of inspiration?
Greg: My inspiration has, is and will always….
Mrs Daniels (temporarily stops eating to interrupt the discussion): Mr Daniels, don’t you realize the young man is yet to serve himself. We’ll have more than enough time to interact with him when we’re done eating. Give him a break! He’s going to spend time with us.
(She pose a question to Greg, stares sternly at him) Won’t you
Harp shakes his head but that doesn’t stop him from eating his food
Greg (looks frightened a bit): Yea, Yes
Mrs Daniels: You can see …we have the time to ourselves! Remember, rule of thumb, when eating…don’t talk when you are eating
Mr Daniels is quick to reply
Mr Daniels: Are they kids? They’re grown men! So, Mrs Teacher, learn to count your teeth!
Mrs Daniels plays a deaf ear to what’s said but encourages Greg to join them in eating. Harp takes a look at his dad, shakes his head again but returns to the business of eating.
Mrs Daniels: Go ahead, young man. Serve yourself. Feel free and call this ‘home away from home’
Greg, having at his disposal a pair of fork and spoon, filled his plates with moles of prepared cassava flakes, the popular pasty white Perth soup and one boiled chicken. He is good at using his cutleries.
Greg (joins the chorus of the eaters): Thank you
Mrs Daniels: You’re welcome.
Eating is taking place for the next thirty minutes. When done, they leave the dining table to where the seats are positioned in the living room, except for Mrs Daniels who is busy parking all what are being used for eating. Mr. Daniel takes the right seat, spacious enough to accommodate his wife while Harp and Greg take the left seat. They are waiting for The Woman Of The House---Mrs Daniels.
Mrs Daniels is done with activities in the kitchen---washing the plates and keeping it tidy. It takes her ten minutes to complete the task. She then joins them and sits closely to her husband, affording his right hand surround her
Mrs Daniels opens the floor of discussion…
Mrs Daniels: Did you enjoy the meal?
Greg: It was a mouth-watering and a sumptuous meal
Mrs Daniels: You all can see how good I am in cooking…
Mr Daniels (derogates, though not intentionally): So, what’s the big deal with your cooking? Greg simply enjoyed his time!
Harp shakes his head but wants to get into the purpose of Greg’s visit
Harp: Mom, dad, let’s get into the why he’s here…I told you all that Greg is one friend I would have for life! He has, in character and learning, proven it. I’d like you all to hear from the Horse’s Mouth!
Mr Smith (agrees): You’re right my dear son…I remember asking you Greg, or is that not your name?
Greg (expresses surprise): Yes sir
Mr Daniels (continues, sits with his left leg crossed over his right, leaning his body on his wife): Good. At the dining table, I asked the question who is the inspiration behind your exploits in school before being rudely interrupted by my wife
Mrs Daniels suddenly let loose her closeness to him and looks at him with an infuriated eye
Mrs Daniels: All I wanted was for us to adjust our priorities. First things first, I wanted Greg, our visitor feel comfortable and enjoy the meal, he just admitted enjoying. But you became too jumpy to hit the conclusion button. What a pity!
Mr Daniels (shows his warning hands at her): You better watch what you say! You’re in their presence…They’re hearing all we’re saying
Mr Daniels: There you go again!!! For goodness sake, let’s face the business of the day!
Mr Daniels: You’ve always been the chief cause of our argument!
Harp and Greg have their faces bow to Mother Earth buy Harp shakes his head. Harp gets in the way of their ranting of words…
Harp: So, Greg, my mom and dad has been talking about you.
Mr Daniels quickly wears his thinking cap and switches rightly to the business of the day. Mrs Smith understands the body language of Greg and her son. So, she keeps mute
Mr Daniels: My son is absolutely correct. Harp told us your excellence at school. Being the fact that you are at the same level with our son and the same department with him, I have no doubt that my son is telling me nothing but the truth. Now, I’d like to ask again, what’s the source of your inspiration that has ignited the blaze in your academic pursuit?
Greg: Well, I would say at this point my inspiration has its rooting in family. My family, my mom, dad and two younger siblings are understanding, corporative and supportive. They have been the motivation for my excelling at school
Mrs Daniels (acknowledges but takes a look at her husband from his head down to his leg) hmmm…You’re right, Greg. There’s nothing like family!
Mr Daniels (refuses to stare at her the same way but puts in gaze at Greg and Harp): Now, pardon me if I ask: who are your parents? Afterall, somebody, as a matter of fact, two agreed to bring you on earth.
Greg: My parents are Mr and Mrs Smith
Mr Daniels appears to know the name somewhere. He’s tasking his brain by hitting repeatedly his two hands on his head. Mrs Smith goes into thinking; she feels she’s has met with them before. He looks at Greg, who is wondering, as is Harp for clarification.
Mr Daniels: Please, what are the full names? I mean tell me the full names of your dad and mom…
Greg (senses more to the questioning): My mom’s names are Angela Daniels and Philip Daniels are the names of my dad
Mr Daniels (exclaims): What!!! What a small world
Mrs Daniels (expresses the same state): Yes, it is…I see we’re at the same thought level
Greg and Harp are dumfounded. They stare at each other not comprehending what’s going on. They are waiting for the air to be cleared by them.
Mr Daniels: My dear, do you remember Angela Holmes, my ex-girlfriend, whom I mentioned left me because we’re not compatible and went ahead to marry Philip Daniels, shortly before we graduated.
Mrs Daniels: Honey, I do. I remember. I was going out with Philip Daniels before he met Angela Holmes. The rest is history
Mr Daniels is shocked. The wideness of mouth is obviously seen by Greg and Harp. Mrs Smith is indifferent as she is looking at the door, as though she is not participating in the discussion
Mr Daniels: So, you never told me this all the while! You kept this away from me? You dated him and you could tell me…You felt, after over sixteen years of marriage, you have the impetus to say this to my face…Women and secrets…Only Goodness knows what else you still harbour in you
Mrs Daniels (Turns back her attention to him): What’s the big deal if I dated someone in the past and I am married faithfully to you? Man up, Mr Man! At times, you strike me as though you’re an over-grown baby boy!
Mr Daniels: Why say this in the presence?
Mrs Daniels: Don’t ask such a question again!
Harp is disappointed in the way they are interacting with each other. Greg can’t help but wonder what’s going on. All the while, he feels he is watching a movie. But Mrs Smith, once again, is unremorseful but her husband is…Nonetheless, Mr Smith is poised to get some answers from Greg
Mr Daniels: Greg, don’t be surprised at what is going…You’re mature to understand there is no perfect marriage. We disagree to agree. That’s by the way…But before I proceed, please ensure you greet your parents for me
Greg: I will
Mr Daniels (proceeds): How would you impact your world with the knowledge you have acquired?
Greg (stares at both faces of Mr and Mrs Smith): Being a mechanical engineering student, or better yet, a professional engineer in the making, I intend using the dynamics of my acquired knowledge towards empowerment, development and general ethics. In practical terms, I will create the enabling environment to help solve the challenges the people of my locality, Perth, are facing. Through the use of practicable principles of mechatronics, which involves the use of electronic and mechanical methods to invent an energy-free device that would enable free power supply for all and sundry. This is what I call development.
They say, ‘a tree can’t make a forest’. I won’t be able to achieve this aim if I were to do it all alone. To this end, I will need the helping hand of my good friend, Harp [looks at him briefly smiling, then maintained his gaze at their face] and other like-minded individuals who, regardless of age, are young at heart to teach them the methodology----the working principles behind the creation of the free-energy device that would help create what I call ‘’The No-Pay Forever power Supply or TNPFPS’’
It is also would involve maintaining the strength of character. Learning with no character, I was made to realize, is like a vehicle with no gas. In this light, I will, based on discretion, choose those who I’d like to work with me on this task---The TNPFPS project. Of course, Harp is my number team player! That’s what I call ‘’simply General Ethics’’
Mr and Mrs Daniels are lost in Greg’s intelligent answer. They wish he continue. Mr Smith realizes how brilliant and prospect-driven Greg is.
Mr Daniels: I must say that what my son had told me about you was an understatement of what you really carry. Indeed and of course, I mean, indeed, you’re a genius! At 100 level, you’re thinking like a PH.D student…It’s pretty amazing! By the way, do you intend working on this as your final year project?
Greg: Not really. I intend working on it after my two hundred level
Mrs Daniels (pours showers of encomiums on Greg): My intelligent young man! Good to know my friend choose the right person for a friend. Keep up the good work! More exploits from you the greatest genius on earth!
Greg: Thank you, ma
She withdraws to her listening mode by keeping mute and let her husband continue the discussion. Harp is feeling on top of the world. His body language is all-revealing. Mr Smith chuckles, then continues
Mr Daniels: Have you informed any of your lecturers about this?
Greg: No
Mr Daniels: Not even your course adviser nor your Head of Department?
Greg (maintains): No
Mr Daniels (shows satisfaction): Very good! It’s good a thing that none of your lecturers are aware of this. If you whisper a word relating to this awesome project, you’ll be on their Watch List. Do you know what that means?
Greg (curious): What does it mean?
Mr Daniels: They will do what they have to do to ensure that bring you down. Your lecturers would tell all of their colleagues what you’re trying to do and I bet, most of them, if not all, would conspire to ensure you have deficits in your major courses. That would making you sit for them next semester or session as the case may be, thereby dropping your academic grade point.
Greg (stutters in disbelief): Y...ou s…aid my lectures…would…ensure…my deficits…
Mr Daniels (Certain): Yes they will. Do you know that some of them, if not most or even all, want you not to come out with a First Class grade? Why? Because they didn’t. And they want to vent their frustration on their students. So sad! So, Greg, whatever you want to do, like this project of yours, please keep it to yourself or if its enormity would pose difficulty for you to handle all by yourself…confide in those who believe in you and have your interest at heart. You mentioned Harp as one of those whom you’d like to work with on this project, right?
Greg: Yes
Mr Daniels: Any other?
Greg: For now, no one. I will look for five others to join in the project when the new session begins
Mr. Daniels: When will the new session begin?
Greg: The session will resume in a month-plus time.
Mr Daniels: Okay…I am interested in being a part of the project
Greg (happy): You’re welcome on board
Mrs Daniels (expresses hers): Count me in!
Harp: I’ve been there all the while…So, I am counted in already
Greg (chuckles in gladness): You are, of course!
Greg (happier): Of course, you are welcome, ma
Mr Daniels: Is Harp fully aware of this project?
Greg: He is and…
Harp (cuts in): He has told me already!
Mr Daniels: Oh……Ok. This is how I would come in. By the way, did your friend told you what I do for a living?
Greg (takes a look at Harp, the turns to Mr Smith): Yes, he did. He told me you’re a business man.
Mr Daniels: I see…So, that’s all he had to say. He didn’t even mention my line of businesses to you…
Greg: hmmm
Harp (sighs, tries to supress his anger): I was just trying to be simple, dad!
Mr Daniels: Simple? Harp, you’re very funny!
Mrs Daniels (Wades in): Mr, he’s just trying to be simple. Can’t you get it???
Mr Daniels (laughs): Wonders shall never end
Mrs Daniels (stands up, then sits down): I agree with you, my husband.
Mr Daniels focuses his attention on Greg to continue the discussion. Mrs Smith and Harp do the same, all-well sited.
Mr Daniels: In case you don’t know, I run a power company, Watt Energy Holdings. It’s one of my business investments. Though upcoming, I would like you to come head the company after you’re done with your studies. How about that?
Greg: That would be great!
Mr Daniels: Harp will be in charge of my other businesses and his mother’s fashion outfit, FIV Incorporated, which stands for Fashion Is Vivid. You would be able to begin your illustrious career by starting with my company, then launching forth to greater heights.
Again, inform your parents about this and don’t forget to greet them for me. First, ask them if they remembered one certain Anthony Smith, their colleague, who graduated with them twenty five years ago from the University of Berth. I know they will remember, especially your mom.
Mrs Smith: Greg, don’t forget too, to ask your dad who was the then Miss Michelle Howard, friend and colleague of his at the same university my husband mentioned and the same time. I’m quite sure he’ll remember…
Greg: I will
Mrs Daniels changes her siting position from wrapping her right hand around his shoulders while sitting on her sofa to siting on his laps, wrapping her left hand over his shoulders and her right, his chest. She stares at Greg and Harp whose shyness can’t withstand the Passionate Situation. Mr Smith isn’t bothered by her last statement. He is avoiding her pulling of his legs.

Mrs Daniels (unmoved but drives home her point): I support my husband completely. Whatever he says, he endorse! Honey, I think we’ve had a great time with the boys. Let’s have some time for ourselves. Remember, let the boys, like men, do their thing---work out their plans. Afterall, when is the best time to plan if not now?
Mr Daniels: You’re right, my lady. Let’s move without further ado
They both leave the sofa. Mrs Daniels, covered with in a modest black blouse, takes the lead as Mr Daniels, dressed in a white T-shirt and plan black trouser, follows to their bedroom steps away from the sofa, where Greg and Harp are sitting. It is obvious they have both left for their bedroom. Greg confirms it. He lets Harp know his reaction.
Greg: Indeed, what a family you have here!
Harp (laughs): As though yours is any better than mine
Greg (makes a joke about it): Your parents are typically actors and we’re just lookers! They were, bro, acting out what they know how to do best
Harp (admits): That’s just the way they are…
Greg (looks serious): On a more serious note, there is something I’ve been wanting to tell you about…
Harp (not concerned at all): Can’t we talk about it when we’re in school? I don’t tend to deal with issues pertaining to me and any of friends that come visiting in this house. I came here to rest my head, not to entertain any issue.
Greg: Ok. I think I’d discuss it with you when we resume.
Harp: It’s alright! In the meantime, let me take you round the inside…
Harp takes Greg to the kitchen, three rooms, including his and the rest rooms. Greg and Harp spends the rest of the day in Harp’s cross-ventilated room. Lying down on Harp’s ten-inch, he looks the length and breadth of the spacious, painted-in-yellow room, Harp’s favourite colour but sees on the side of the bed a book, titled, ‘Find Your Way Back’. Harp is setting up his music player and taking out some musicals to play. Greg asks for Harp’s permission to read the book.
Greg: Can I read this book?
Harp: What book?
Greg (reads the title): Find Your Way Back
Harp: Oh! I bought that book about a week ago. But reading through a few pages, I realize it was for me. Do you want it?
Greg (looks at Harp set up his music player): Yes
Harp: You can have it! It’s all yours!
Greg: Thanks. I don’t think I’ll be long here
Harp: Can’t you stay a little longer? Just listen to some of my favourite songs.
Greg: What do you mean? I have stayed here long enough. Remember, it’s a two-hour drive from Perth to Berth.
Harp: Ok! Ok!
Greg opens the book and reads the first page: ‘’When you have realized you’ve treaded the wrong path, retrace your footsteps for it will never be too late to start afresh’’. This sparks Greg’s age-long desire---to be an author.
Greg: Harp, I’ll have to take my leave
Harp: You can, but I wished you could stay to listen to my musicals…
Greg: I have to beat the traffic and get home on time. Perhaps, someday, I look forward to playing you a visit. I must say ‘I enjoyed my visit’
Harp walks Greg to the entrance. He waits till a taxi comes around. Greg enters the taxi and the taxi drives off. Harp returns to his room to enjoy his favourite songs. His parents are sleeping in their bedroom.

In Greg’s Room…
It is three days to resumption. Greg, the only one in the house, is pacing back and forth his room, thinking because he has just completely read through the last chapter of the 150-page ‘Find Your Way Back’. He then forces himself to lie on the ten-inch-thick bed. But restlessness can’t make Greg take a nap after hours of preparation for school. Greg has his clothes properly placed in his medium-sized traveling bag. It is a tasking situation for the eighteen-year-old, having to select the clothes---from a variety of clothes in his white cupboard---he will be wearing throughout the duration if the session.
Meanwhile, Greg’s radio player, placed on a small white table, with a simple standing fan by the side for some cooling effect, is listening to a program on 88.1 Flash FM. The Program aired is: Return To Your Calling. Greg’s restlessness soon turns to comportment:
Hello, I’m XYZ, your anchor woman for today’s program. Listeners at home, school, work and some other places, how are you doing? Hope you’re enjoying your day? I am enjoying mine…
You’re unto 88.1 Flash FM …the station that has your interest at heart!
Today, the program, Return To Your Calling is a second-chance, never-too-late and decide-for-yourself interest dedicated to those who, by virtue of forced conditions and misplaced priorities, have ventured in various endeavours that they shouldn’t have been.
Some people, who, at first, didn’t like what they first got into but over the course of time, developed interest and found them more interesting, are not included in this category. If you fall under this bracket, all well and good for you. But you don’t move that dial. I want believe you have people who are not deriving the fulfilment they ought to get in their chosen endeavours. Who knows?!!! You could be that hope, that come-back engineer that would enable that friend of yours get back on track, regardless of the time being spent. Remember, it’s never too late to return to your calling.
We will be discussing on the misplaced priorities people have defined in the past, regarding their careers, birthing their present predicaments and forced situations they succumbed to, presently roping their necks to their careers.
They are consequently console themselves by the anticipation of mouth-watering salaries, the money quest and the ‘rest’ they seem to get---perhaps, it’s a ‘9-5’ job.
We’ll get into these issues in detail and more after a word from our sponsors. Don’t touch that dial. It’s XYZ, your Anchor Woman for the day…
An advert commercial takes the air wave for about forty-five seconds. The second follows for thirty seconds and the third, for forty seconds. Greg turns off the radio to engage communicate with himself. Greg is finally up standing, initially lying down listening to the radio.
I have been playing to the gallery…
[Looks down to floor and then the ceiling]
I know I’ve been doing this all my life but Greg, why can’t you for once admit it?
[Kicks the bed resting on the ground very hard. It shifts from the middle to the left side of the room]
Goodness me, what have I done to myself…What I have I done?

Representative's Contacts

Maria Zani

Her contact details are as follows:

Postal Address: 3/2 263 Cumbernauld Road, Dennistown Glasgow UK,
Scotland. 631206

Phone: +441413901989


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Welcome to the Forum

Firstly, I would suggest your layout be more readable to the eye.

It is not your play, but the arrangement of your play, that makes it pretty hard to read.

Here is a link from another playwright on the site that makes his play very redable.

I suggest you change your formatting, so the eye can Scan down the page more easily.

Again, Welcome to the forum. And only post the first 10 pages of yoru script.



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OOOPS! I forgot to post a sample.

This sample I found by Leon is amazing. Found it just by accident. But if you read it, you can just insert some current names and it is just like Politcs in the USA today!!!!


Below is good formatting for the site. Or something similar.

And only 10 pages.

Check the link.



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