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UnHinged Festival of Disturbing Theatre  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Apr 13th, 2020 08:34 pm
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Flush Ink Productions

UnHinged Festival of Disturbing Theatre

First things.

- If you are submitting for more than one event, please do so in separate emails.
- Please send two copies of your play - one with your name and info on it, and another without - this will make the reading process so much easier.
- In the subject of your email, please put Asphalt Jungle Shorts and the title of your play. EG: Asphalt Jungle Shorts – My Play

All of these productions will take place in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, about an hour west of Toronto.

Asphalt Jungle Shorts XVII
To be presented September 10 – 19th (fingers crossed)
Deadline – June 8 2020

If you don't know what it is, check out our YouTube Channel where we've posted some of our previous performances.

We need plays. Short plays. Short, site-specific plays.
One minute to ten minutes...twelve if it's incredible.
If it's set in a busy place where the audience stands, no longer than five minutes.
If it's set in a bar – ten minuets is fine.
If you have plays set in a winter setting – please send them as well. We are considering a second show – Asphalt Jungle Snowpants

This is site-specific theatre. We’re looking for plays that feel as if the audience is sneaking around downtown, spying on people...those are the ones that work the best...when people aren't sure if it's a play or not...and believe me, there've been a few that the audience crowded to watch that were not plays.
We like the odd...well, odd absurd piece, but…
No period pieces.
No plays set in apartments/condos/houses/front porches.
Really, no longer than ten unless it’s really freakin’ incredible.

Here is a link to the city, if you'd like to get a feel for it.

Here are a some ideas for sites...

- Fire escape
- Shoe store
- City Hall (There is a huge fountain outside)
- There are some tiny parks - green spaces
- On the street
- Art Gallery
- Empty store (could be anything)
- Bar (we usually end up in a bar where we can ply the audience with drink)

-Art Gallery
-Police Station
-Parking Garage

Notes - The hospital is too far to walk to. There is no industry downtown.

As a playwright, I have produced this event with the playwrights much in mind. I connect each director with their playwright, so they are working together. The playwrights are part of the process and through this way of working, we have forged some wonderful playwright/director relationships.

$$$ The royalties are a dollar a minute a night $$$
(a ten minute play will net $60.00 over the run of the show)

Paddy Gillard-Bentley - Artistic Director of Flush Ink Performing Arts

For more information –
UnHinged Festival of Disturbing Theatre
To be presented October 27th – 31st
Deadline – July 15th 2020
First things.

- In the subject of your email, please put UnHInged and the title of your play EG: UnHinged – My Play.
All of these productions will take place in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, about an hour west of Toronto.

PLEASE NOTE: In deference to the playwright, we have excluded the usual reading/administration fee.

The fee for A Plays (40 – 50 mins.) is $250.00
The fee for B Plays (20 – 40 mins.) is $150.00

Similar to a Fringe Festival in its structure, UNHINGED has a different focus, plays that are disturbing, in any way you believe disturbing to be.

We are not just looking for theatre pieces, but will consider performance art, dance, film - basically live performance genres with multimedia/multi-art aspects. The plays/pieces will be chosen by a reading committee.

If you’re a company, and have a piece that you’ve already produced, bring it here.

If you’re a playwright and you have a piece you want to see ‘up’, find yourself a director (we may have some available from this end).

If you’re a director, and haven’t found that perfect venue for something you love, we might be it.

Located an hour west of Toronto, and an hour east of London, Kitchener is a mid-sized city where art is thriving everywhere.



• An intimate venue that holds 65.
• A minimum of 3 scheduled performances
• Two levels of plays/payment/admission (A: 40 min – 60 min. B: 20-40 min.)
• Box office, ticket reservations.
• A listing/graphic in the Unhinged Program
• Blanket Festival Promotion
• 100% Box office receipts
(Note: There will be passes available where the companies will share the receipts)

• A fully produced show, ready to be viewed by an audience.
• Contact information – including email/snail mail address
• Tech and promotional material submitted before deadlines.
• All your food, travel, work permit (if required), production, royalty, union fees, and artist fee expenses.
• Your own show-specific promotional materials (posters, flyers) which you distribute.
• Specialty technical equipment (ie. Projectors, monitors, lapel mics, keyboards, fog machines)
• An electronic submission and two hard-copies mailed to Flush Ink Performing Arts, 24 Wellington St. N., Kitchener, On., Canada N2H 5J4
• A fee of $250.00 for A plays & $150.00 for B plays

For more information –

Paddy Gillard-Bentley - Artistic Director of Flush Ink Performing Arts

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